Web Design

Web Design

Web design consists of very many areas of disciplines and skills that births and maintain a website. The areas involved in creating a web design include web graphic design; interface design; proprietary software; user experience design; authoring, standardized code,and search engine optimization (SEO). Web designers are the ones who specialize in web designing. While some web designers work in team with other experts in the various areas involved in web design, others undertake the whole task. Web design and web engineering are partially overlapping in the broader scope of web development. It is expected of web designers to be aware of usability and when a web designer’s role involves creating markup he is expected of course to have web accessibility guidelines at his fingertips.

The web has found a place to rest in the 21st century world as it becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives. The web technology itself has not been static; there is a continuous improvement in the way sites are design to suit the fast evolving web technology.


These terms web design and web development has almost become interchangeable. Even web companies have taken to alternating their services description. We find it very important for those in need of these web design or development services to know the fundamental difference between the two.

With the use of design programs, a web designer creates the website layout and visual elements of the website in general. Web Development on the other hand involves taking a website design and creating out of it, a functioning website. Developers use various development programs to create the design files.

Basic Web Design Principles


Achieving a well-balanced web design requires creating a balanced layout. It is therefore important that a designer makes this a top priority.


For a designer to be able to define certain sections of the website, he must consider and be sure that textures, shapes and sizes are contrasting.


For an outstanding user experience, a clean and consistent navigation is a go


It is important to know exactly what is to be emphasized. Highlighting should be done sparingly to create a stand out effect.


The relationship between various parts of the website layout and the composition must reflect unity.