Website Design

Hire us for your next website design. let us revamp your existing site or design a new one just the way you want it.

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • Custom Websites
  • Mobile site
  • Many more

Graphic Design

Firs impression matters. We provide professional graphic design solutions that will solve your business needs. Hire us for logo, illustration, app icons, photoshop, animations, banners, and much more. Initially, Fox Solutions Tech started by providing graphic design services. We still maintain professionalism in a spectrum of our services.

Seo Optimization

Get ranked in Google search results. We will analyze your site and optimize its contents to show at top search results.

Content Management

Content is a great element that improves business visibility and search results. We have dedicated experts that can write niche research articles for your business.

Are you struggling to come up with contents for your new website? We are here to help you.


Who do you want to know about your business? We have the solutions for that. A well-targetted advertising plan is for businesses. We can design an advertising strategy that best fits your business and your targeted audience.

Social Media

Don’t be the jack of all trades. Focus on managing your business and let us manage your social platforms. We will explore social communities to join, participate, and post contents to your page. Your page will be active. Don’t be one of those businesses that have few posts that were posted 5 years ago.

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Our Portfolio

  • Responsive website design

    A key attribute for a website is how it responds to different devices.

  • Website Loading Speed

    We can optimize the page loading speed of your website. This will significantly improve user experience

  • Security

    Some website tweaks can improve security. For instance, we can integrate additional?authentication during login, especially for website admins.

  • Support and Management

    Our services come with 6 months technical support. We can teach you the basic things you need to know about managing your website or you can let us manage your website while you focus on running your?business.

Our Clients