Graphic design

Graphic design

In today’s society, graphic design is the core to product representation. Remeber “a picture says a thousand words. ” We can, therefore, define Graphic design as the art of communicating to an audience with a mix of visual images and text. Also, graphic design engages the intended audience via visual description, images, and convey desired information so as to differentiate a particular brand from other competitors.

Where is Graphic design used?

Graphic designs are used on various materials; they may be used on websites, packaging and even brochures.

How are graphic designs made?

It is not unexpected that in this age, graphic design is mainly produced with the use of graphic design software. Examples of this software are Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop and Serif. Graphic design is practically all around; we see graphic designs in websites, billboards, logos, magazines, and etcetera.

What does Graphic design do?

The role of graphic design, especially in retail is quite huge. It presents the customers with the brand message and shows them a picture of how the product looks. It also helps brands to differentiate their products in the market

Graphic designers

A graphic designer is best and simply described as a visual communicator in that he manually or with the help of a software creates pictorial and visual concepts to communicate ideas and ,information in order to interest the consumers. It is therefore of utmost importance that a Graphic designer be original, creative and ingenious in his designs; making sure no brand?s copyright is infringed upon. A graphic designer designs may design for print of the web. But where a print design is fairly simple, a web design comes with a whole set of modalities, where the use of technology comes to play and the designer is expected to be abreast with the different features in devices in order to do his work effectively. Being conscious of some technical constraints and how to bypass them is vital for designing web graphics.

Coding and Graphic design

Since graphic designs are found in different types of media is an indication that creating an effective graphic design requires a basic understanding of what can and can?t be done with codes. A basic understanding of coding is enough and there may not be a need to be highly proficient in the use of coding. It suffices if the graphic designer possesses sufficient coding understanding to hold a smooth professional conversation with developers in some media works.

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