Online marketing is better explained as products and services promotion with the use of the internet. With online marketing, a wider range of marketing elements are involved as extra channels, marketing mechanisms and special tools available on the internet are used. Online marketing is also referred to as digital marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), internet marketing or web marketing,

In today’s digital world, brands have awoken to the internet realities as they continue to join early birds to create online presence for their brand, thereby promoting their products and services online. This is not surprising because the internet is now like a second home for most people with the number of internet users skyrocketing on a daily basis. How else will brands conveniently get their services and products noticed by the teaming number of internet users if not by placing them right in the very before of social media users and getting the attention of internet users with the use of goggle ads?

Embracing online marketing has great benefits to a business. Some of such are:

  • Huge potential for growth
  • Reduced expenses for the purpose of advertisement since online marketing is relatively cheaper
  • Elegance in communications
  • Affords better control
  • Customer service is greatly improved
  • It gives a competitive advantage
Ways of marketing online

Email marketing

This is done by sending emails to clients/ customers and others having subscribed to receive information from your brand. The emails could be promotional or sometimes educative about your products, services and opportunities. With the use of email marketing software you can keep track of your emails. It may also interest you to know that you can contract this out and get your promotion done with less expense.

Mobile marketing

The idea of mobile marketing starts with a mobile-friendly website. For effective mobile marketing, one must put in consideration the graphics, display as well as letter size. Mobile marketing is a very convenient marketing option to reach many on the go mobile devices users.

Social networking

With the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, brands now garner a network of contacts as well as engage their existing clients. It is easy to easy to give exposure for expertise and create an impression for a brand. It is important to know however that number of followers on social media directly impacts on success that will be recorded and the search engine ranking.


These are online presentations that clients/customers can join in live with the use of webinar software. New products can be introduced and demonstrated by this means.

Viral marketing

This is done when advertising is done by word of mouth to be transmitted or shared from one person to another. For this to be effective, the message must be interesting enough to make viewers click the share button.


Others are:

  • social bookmarking
  • online advertisinge