Content management (CM) is described as the process of administering digital content from its creation to permanent storage or deletion. Administration of digital content all through its life span. Content may be in form of video, audio, images, text or multimedia. There are stages in digital content management and here goes:

  • Creation
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Oversight, including the updates management and version control.
  • Removal.

With the above, it is clear that the lifecycle of any digital content starts at creation and terminates when it is deleted. Content management systems (CMS) vary since content management is industry specific. A Web content management system is for all purposes different from an enterprise content management (ECM) system. While the former caters for HTML issues on the one hand, the later has components that must deal with enterprise data.

A content management system (CMS): It is an application or software used for the creation and management of digital content. They are used for both the Enterprise Content Management and Web Content Management (WCM).

An Enterprise Content Management integrates document management, digital asset management and records retention functionalities, as well as affording end users with role-based access to the organization?s digital assets. A Web Content Management allows for a collaborative authoring for websites.

Content management systems and purposes

Web Content Management System (WCMS)

Manages and delivers content to websites

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Manages graphics and multimedia components.

Document Management System (DMS)

Specializes in the management of whole documents

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Specializes in the management of all the contents within an organization

Component Content Management (CCMS)/ XML Content Management (XML CMS)

This only manages contents at the component level. The content is only stored once as a singular source for efficient reuse of content and delivery to various media

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